Referral program details

In a business as competitive as ours, good people are always hard to find. And yet, there is a large untapped source of referrals of quality candidates – and that source is current PDDN associates. PDDN encourages current associates to refer qualified candidates for employment with us and we'll pay you a bonus for such referrals. Here's how the Associate Referral Bonus Program works:

When a referred candidate is hired into the following positions, the bonus to the referring associate is as follows:

· Hired into a temporary part-time/seasonal position $50.00

· Hired into a regular part-time position $50.00

· Hired into a full-time non-exempt (hourly) position $250.00

· Hired into an exempt (salaried) non-management position $500.00

· Hired into an exempt management position $1,500.00

In order for the bonus to be paid, the referred associate must complete ninety (90) calendar days of continuous employment and the referring associate must be employed when the bonus is paid.

Bonus will be paid only if a referred candidate is hired within twelve (12) months of the date of referral (the date the referral us received in Human Resources). If the candidate is hired more than 12 months after the referral date, no bonus will be paid.

Bonuses will be made through Payroll and are subject to tax withholding and deductions, if applicable.

Sorry, we cannot pay a referral bonus: to officers, directors, managers, or supervisors whose referral is a direct or indirect subordinate to the referring associate's position (e.g., a store manager would be ineligible for referring a sales associate, whether the sales associate reported directly to the referring manager or to another store manager); to any Human Resources Department associates for referral of former PDDN associates; or for referral of cont of email /update send for open position

employee referral program is valid for 90 days or 6 months of email /update send for open position

For more information, please obtain an "Application for Associate Referral Bonus" form from your manager or contact the Human Resources Department. Current Job opening Current Job opening Email resumes to jobs@PDDNINC.COM

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